AUTHENTIC EXPERIENCES We offer experiences that are personally held, unique and unforgettable. We believe it is essential to meet and talk to locals, to actively participate rather than just passively consume but stay curious – that's when the African Spirit is experienced first hand. We keep our fingers off tourist traps. 


SWISS QUALITY We act efficiently and customer-friendly, with a special attention to detail. Even if we love the slogan "This is Africa" – we gladly spare our customers long waiting times or multiple follow-ups.      


EVERYTHING UNDER ONE ROOF Visitors do not need to deal with multiple partners. We cover all kind of categories under one roof. This allows us to efficiently coordinate everything and make it as easy as possible for our customers. No unnecessary paperwork, all simple and quick. 

FLEXIBILITY Customers have the choice to book individual experiences or to arrange a whole multi-day trip based on their interests.


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